Listopad 2010

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6. listopadu 2010 v 12:02 | *MiSs.GoMeZ* |  Past layouts
Made by: Mr. Madro
Colours: žltohnedá (alebo aká to vlastne je :D)
Theme: Selena Gomez
Name: Zene Magizne
From-To: 5.11.2010 - ???
Content: 99%



2. listopadu 2010 v 10:24 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Oh, oh, oh
It's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so
It's magic, you know
Never believe, it's not so

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:23 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Tell me something I don't know

Send It On (ft. Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus)

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:21 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Nick & Miley:
A word is just a word
Til you mean what you say
And love isn't love
Til you give it away
We've all gotta give
Yeah something to give
To make a change


2. listopadu 2010 v 10:18 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Just drive, I'm sick of talking
We know where this is going
I'm done, take me home
I can't wait forever
For you to get yourself together
I'd rather be alone
I'm so tired of pretending
Just want a happy ending

Brain Zapped

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:17 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Mom always said that books could take you to another world
But I don't think that this is what she meant
(This is what she meant)
I'm shuttling though
These distant lands and ocean shores
Don't really know where I'll go next

Make It Happen (ft. David Henrie)

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:16 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

1 2 3 !
Uh, uh
Ye-oww !
(Ice Ice)

Cruella De Vil

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:13 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Oooh, ooh oh oh, oooh oh
Look out for Cruella De Vil

Shake It Up

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:11 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Don't like waiting [x2]
Let's go right now!
Gotta' hit the ground
Dancing before the music
Slows down

New Classic (ft. Drew Seeley)

2. listopadu 2010 v 10:08 | *MiSs.GoMeZ*

Ooohh, uh
Oh, Oh
Oh, yeah
Ever tried to reach for something
But it's someone else's dream?
Every step that you take forward
Takes you right back where you've been
And then when you least expect it
And you tried about everything
Somebody hears your opinion
Somebody cares what you say
You woke me up
No longer tired
With you I feel inspired
You helped me find my fire (uh)
You're the new classic
You're the new PYT
Stands for paid, young, taking on the world
From the driver's seat